Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Black for Mourning or for Rejoicing? What will Your Choice be?

When it comes to colour and Weddings, traditionally speaking brides wear White. White has always seen to be the colour that symbolizes purity of the soul. Though before the Victorian Era, Brides would marry in any colour, Black being the most popular in Scandinavia.
White later was assumed to represent Virginity, though this is not truly the case. White now is seen to be the most Popular choice amongst Western society. You look at the East and you'll see a whole different culture with Red being the most popular and traditionally the colour of marriage.

Would you Rebel against society and choose Black as the colour for your dress?

Through the reins of Queen Victoria, we see Black to be the colour of mourning ... So ask yourself, wouldn't you feel either as a guest or the bride herself, or maybe even the groom, that you were attending a funeral rather than a joyous occasion of celebrating a wedding where two people declare a vow of commitment to each other.

Vera Wang on the other hand has created a Black wedding dress Theme

Share your opinions ...

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