Saturday, 24 March 2012

Quality Vs Luxury ... Why not Both?

I, Rachel Brunton, have been recently doing a lot of research and analyzing recently and a few things have come to mind when thinking about "Wedding Dresses."
To me a wedding dress should be about quality, luxury, glamour, ambiance, feel, something that makes people go "wow" when they see you walking towards them. It's come to my attention that whilst at first glances the dresses you see in your high street shops look good they may even imitate the idea of luxury and glamour but when you dig a little deeper what you see is a world of synthetic's enforced with several layers of fabric and interfacings which creates a very starchy, heavy dress. Construction techniques I have to say are well produced on some levels, but most of the time leave out the practicality of alterations to be considered. To you the Bride, this is something you wont necessarily understand or appreciate but when adjustments are necessary you expect the dress to come back exactly as it arrived. Which is understandable, and rightly so. These adjustments are only as good as the access into the workings of the dress which has been allocated. And when it comes to finishings, sometimes its impossible to recreate something that is already created. But what really gets me is that knowing alterations are inevitable, because most people opt for made to measure, with all made to measures it takes time and with time shape changes, women are known to loose quite a bit of weight just before her wedding if they're not already trying, so by time the dress comes back you know there will be some kind of tweaking. So why does a Bride have to pay extra for that service?
Going back to made to measures ... I consider a made to measure to account for size, whether you be big, small, tall, short, big bust, big hipped, or even small busted or small hipped... from what I can tell if your taller than the average, your only option is to wear flatter shoes, of your too short thats ok it can be shorted ... but what if most of the detail is at the bottom of the dress? From my experience those who are quite a bit shorter than the average will find most dresses out of proportion from top to bottom, this I'm sure shares the same rules to those who are exceptionally tall.    
When Designing, I've never really considered how or what the "others" are doing because I am driven by my passion and vision. My training and teachings along the way have given me different perspective which makes me work outside the "box".
I pride on the pure silks we use, creating a light weight gown, allowing free-flow and movement into the dress as it naturally should be. Xsazia's made to measure service means each piece is made completely from scratch taken from the extensive range of measurements required for construction. And to top that, all alterations are included in the price, so there will never be additional costs once the dress arrives.      

Friday, 9 March 2012

Xsazia's Bridal Collection

All Xsazia's Designs can be made in Traditional White, Ivory or in colour, with or without Embroidery. If you have any enquiries please Email
White Bridal Dress

Gold Bridal Dress

Antique Bridal Dress

Blue Bridal Dress

Amanda White Bridal dress

Red Bridal Dress

Ivory Trail Bridal Dress

Champagne Bridal Dress

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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Black for Mourning or for Rejoicing? What will Your Choice be?

When it comes to colour and Weddings, traditionally speaking brides wear White. White has always seen to be the colour that symbolizes purity of the soul. Though before the Victorian Era, Brides would marry in any colour, Black being the most popular in Scandinavia.
White later was assumed to represent Virginity, though this is not truly the case. White now is seen to be the most Popular choice amongst Western society. You look at the East and you'll see a whole different culture with Red being the most popular and traditionally the colour of marriage.

Would you Rebel against society and choose Black as the colour for your dress?

Through the reins of Queen Victoria, we see Black to be the colour of mourning ... So ask yourself, wouldn't you feel either as a guest or the bride herself, or maybe even the groom, that you were attending a funeral rather than a joyous occasion of celebrating a wedding where two people declare a vow of commitment to each other.

Vera Wang on the other hand has created a Black wedding dress Theme

Share your opinions ...

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Fashion Edge of Paris Couture week

If Art is your game, then heres a great emphasis on skill in the fashion Art world showing great craftsmanship and an interesting trend to be set for this coming year!

check this out

Supermodel in red: Yasmin Le Bon showcases 50 kilo Stephan Rolland dress at Couture Week... but needs two men to help her get it down the catwalk

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Show-stopping: Yasmin Le Bon in the final gown showcased at Stephane Rolland's show - flanked by her two assistants

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Friday, 20 January 2012

What makes for a good Wedding dress?

Are you Conservative? A Traditionalist? Or a Contemporary Bride who will try anything that will make you stand out from the crowd?

There are many things we see that take the catwalk some we see to be tasteful ... Others are a designers expression for Art that is not practical but sets the theme and mood for what's to come ... But for your wedding day most brides look for the "WOW" factor whether it be in the length of the trail, how big the skirt is, how unique and original it is, or much bling is on the dress. One common factor to most Brides is being a little conservative in the eyes of their guests...

When browsing through the news, the headlines or even random things seen on the internet, one has to ask "What were they thinking?"

This goes beyond the point of revealing, to the point of what's left to see...

"The G-String wedding dress that will make the whole congregation Blush, never mind the bride ....Here comes the bride... avert your eyes! The revealing wedding 'dress' made a splash on the Berlin catwalk this morning ... Risqué: Berlin-based label Kaviar Gauche presented the revealing wedding outfit during Berlin Fashion Week earlier today"

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This Makes for a colourful time... But all that Hair makes me want to itch

"My Big Fat Gypsy hair-dresser! TV travellers' seamstress creates £50,000 wedding gown made of human hair... Hair comes the bride: Thelma Madine, who is the dress maker on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding, has created a wedding gown made of human hair. It weighs 15 stone and is a size 6 ... Locked down: It took the handy work of eight members of staff  to make and contains 250 metres of hair. They also used tens of thousands of individual hair wefts and different pieces of hair, 1500 crystals and 12 underskirts"

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What's your opinion? What do you look for when you think of your big day?

Thursday, 19 January 2012

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